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Morocco Luxury Tour: 2 weeks itinerary from Casablanca

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14 days

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Book our  Morocco tours with the  14  days Morocco Grand Tour from Casablanca to the Atlantic Coast

Follow this two-week, leisurely-paced route through Morocco to experience distinct cultural encounters, desert explorations, and beach relaxation. Visit the modern cities of Casablanca and Rabat before continuing on to Chefchaouen in the Rif Mountains as you tour the north. Explore Marrakech’s souks and hidden gardens, get lost in the historic medina of Fes, the cultural center of Africa, travel down the Atlantic coast of Essaouira, and follow caravan routes through desert oases.

 Our Morocco Tours are now updated to be customizable tours where you can choose the starting point of your private tour as well as the  Comfortable touristic cars, vans and minibuses and our  experienced drivers will come pick you and together we will make your Morocco vacation packages an unforgettable life experience. Our skilly guides will surely match your Excitement Awaits to enjoy the most inspirational and beautiful places in Morocco.

  • Tour type: the Atlantic Coast
  • Starting City: Casablanca
  • Ending City:Casablanca


Luxury Package VIP Accommodations


  • -Visit the Hassan II Mosque and take a look on the world`s tallest minaret in Casablanca
  • -Discover souks, tanneries, and artisan workshops in medieval Fes
  • -Follow caravan routes and revel in conventional track beside a barren region campfire
  • -Explore Jemaa el-Fna Square - the busiest rectangular in Africa
  • -Climb Portuguese ramparts and flavor clean seafood in coastal Essaouira.

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Day 1: Morning in Casablanca, Afternoon in Rabat

Ya Marhaba ! Welcome to Morocco! Your guided Morocco Tours starts by Arriving in Morocco's commercial city and begin the morning focused on the Hassan II Mosque, home to the tallest minaret in the world. The expansive courtyard seats 80,000 of his worshipers, with space inside for 25,000 of his. Unique to most mosques, non-Muslims can take a guided tour and admire the intricate wood, marble and stone craftsmanship and the hammam downstairs. Fans of Ingrid Bergman or Humphrey Bogart can grab lunch at Rick's Cafe before heading north.
Your excursions in Morocco is about to begin as we drive north to Rabat, the Imperial City and current capital. Rabat is a bustling city with multiple attractions and a rich history. Explore the medieval fortifications of the Sierra Necropolis in the heart of Rabat and wander through Roman and Islamic ruins. Then travel back in time to Rabat's original city center and enter through the grand doors of the Kasbah des Oudaias. After that , we invite yout to take a break from the hustle and bustle with a visit to the 20th-century Andalusian Gardens to Discover the Hassan Tower, the minaret of an unfinished mosque and mausoleum of Mohammed V and Abandoned project from the 12th century, all that remains today is a 44-meter-tall red sandstone tower and about 200 pillars.

Day 2: North to the spiritual Rif mountains and the beautiful "Blue City" of Chefchaouen

After a nice breakfast , Our Tours of Morocco shell continue by enjoying a scenic drive to the Rif Mountains as the plains give way to mountains. You can stretch your legs for a few hours with a hike to the Cascades d'Akchour (Akchour Waterfalls), a hidden gem not far from Schafshaun. Plan a half-day hike or walk halfway to enjoy natural pools and riverside cafes.

Almost untouched since the 15th century, Chefchaouen offers a relaxed atmosphere with some of the friendliest people in the country. Today, the city is famous for its blue-painted buildings in its historic medina (old town) and the narrow streets and alleys that hug the hills below two peaks (Chefchaouen means 'horn').

Discover Outa el Hammam Square, the main square named after the number of hammams (public baths) that once surrounded it then we find a restaurant or café to grab a bite to eat before browsing the many shops selling traditional goods and visit the old Kasbah fort to see gardens, museums and old prison cells. As evening approaches, climb the path to the White Spanish Mosque for a final view of Chefchaouen as the sun sets over the mountains (20-30 minutes walk).

Day 3: Chefchaouen, Roman Ruins of Volubilis, Fes

For the thirth day of your trips in Morocco, Wake up early and enjoy an hour of rest in the morning with a stroll through the streets. Many travelers leave in the morning and some arrive in the afternoon to take advantage of this time to take photos undisturbed. If you want to do some last-minute shopping, many stores don't open until around 10am.

Our Skilly guides and experienced drivers will drive you to Fes, Volubilis (a UNESCO World Heritage Site) is home to Morocco's best-preserved Roman ruins, once a vast expanse of the Roman Empire, with festivals, celebrations and sacrifices (lions, bears and elephant). Today, you can enjoy a guided tour of Fes around the sprawling complex, exploring large merchant houses with visible heating systems below, temples, and many colorful mosaics that are still in pristine condition.

A little further south is Moulay Ismail's imperial city of Meknes, where you can also have lunch. Although the city is fairly large, his two main areas of interest are the Ville Impériale (Imperial City) and the Medina. This is perfect for warming up for fez.
It's small, not busy, and the shopkeepers aren't too pushy.In the Viru Imperial area, you can explore gardens, palaces, the impressive gates of Bab al-Mansur, the Mausoleum of Moulay Ismail, and the royal stables. The main attractions in the medina are the dotted souks, the Madrasah Bhu Inania (built in 1358) and Dar Jamai, a beautiful palace built in 1882. As you approach Fez, stop at the ruins of the Merenid Tombs above the city to enjoy a beautiful panorama of the old town and perhaps the evening call to prayer. Then for the last part of your day trip, enjoy dinner in peace in one of our beautiful Riads in the Medina.

Days 4-5: Fes: Discover the wonderful Imperial City & Medieval Medina

Protected by UNESCO, Fez looks just as it did centuries ago, as the Arab world's most complete medina suffered only limited influence under French rule. The city he consists of three main areas.
Fez el Bali (the old Fez where you spend most of your time), Fez el Jedid (“New Fez”), Ville Nouvel (from 1912 he was designed by the French during his 1956 protectorate).

With a half-day guided tour of the medina, he begins two days of exploration, learning about its history and mixed cultures. Moulay Idriss II made the city his capital and welcomed refugees from Córdoba in southern Spain and Kairouan in Tunisia (the then Western Islamic capital). Their skills in architecture and craftsmanship played a major role as the city grew organically, creating the maze we see today, and as the city grew over the next 100 years. Start at Bab Boujeloud and follow the main street of Talâa Kebira. There are shops on both sides of this street. The outside is blue, the traditional color of Fez, and the inside is green, the color of Islam. The streets are much narrower, windier and steeper than in Marrakech, so you're unlikely to get lost at least a few times (part of the experience). Visit souks of all kinds: spices, vegetables, leather goods, pottery, metals, shoes, scarves, medicines and more.
Tannery Suara can be seen from the balcony of a leather shop in the heart of the medina. The process of soaking in pigeon dung and limestone, then in dye baths and drying on hillsides has changed little over the centuries.

The Al-Qarawiyyin Mosque and College (built in 859) can accommodate up to 20,000 worshipers inside. Although open to Muslims only, there are several places where you can peek inside and admire the beautifully decorated interiors. Equally impressive are the old student madrasas (dormitories) of the Bou Inania and Al Atalin madrasas, where you can admire detailed tilework, dark cedar woodwork, and intricately carved plasterwork patterns.

On the second day, visit the Basa Museum of Art, home of Moroccan art, and spend time at Fez El Jedid (“New Fez”) to see the Royal Palace (no visitors inside) and the Jewish Mera. In the afternoon, join a cooking class or visit a local artisan group to learn about the leatherwork and pottery that Fez is famous for.

Day 6: Middle Atlas to the Desert: Erfoud, Merzouga & the Sahara

Start your day bright and early as you head south towards Merzouga. On the way, you will pass through the cedar forests of the central Atlas Mountains and cross the Col du Zade (2,178 m). Enjoy sightings of the local Barbary Macaques before lunch in Midelt (“the town of apples”) and enjoying the nearby Murouya River. Take the Tizi n'Talremt pass into the Ziz Valley, known for its hidden oases and palm groves. Along the road are many fortified houses called ksars, built to protect valuables such as gold, salt and spices. Head to Erfoud, known for its date palm festival and fossil mining. Here you can visit local collectives to learn more about the process and meet local artisans. Continue to Erg Chebbi, a 35-square-kilometer expanse of sand dunes. Giant dunes never stand still, they move in response to changing winds. Upon arrival in Merzouga, ride a camel through the dunes to your camp ready to go. Hike the nearby dunes to watch the sunset before returning to camp for a delicious campfire dinner.

If you don't want to stay in a Bedouin tent, you can also stay in a nearby hotel.

Day 7: Desert Adventures, Rissani Market, Todra Gorge

Wake up early to experience the desert sunrise, then visit nearby desert villages and enjoy desert adventure sports such as sandboarding and ATV tours. and experience traditional drum music and dance before taking a short walk through the village. Leaving the dunes behind, stop at the market town of Rissani. Enter through an impressive gate. Known for its livestock auctions, 'Donkey Park' is a feast for the senses.

Continue to Tinerhir. This desert city offers stunning views of neighboring towns along a vast river oasis (30 miles or 48 kilometers of palm trees). Our final destination for the day is the Todra Gorge. Roughly 1,000 feet (305 m) high and carved into red limestone by the Todra River, this site offers leisurely walks in and around the canyon, and relaxing in the cool waters of the shallow river below. increase.

Day 8: Todra Gorge, Dades Valley, Ouarzazate, Aït Benhaddou

Follow the Valley of a Thousand Kasbahs to Morocco's most famous Ait Benhaddou. Travel through the Dades Valley and stop at Kerat Mgouna to see cultivated rose bushes. Visit a rose community to see how rose petals transform into rose water and oil. Further west, stop in Ouarzazate, the film capital of North Africa, to discover how the nearby region has been featured in films such as Lawrence of Arabia, Gladiator and Black Hawk Down. Take a tour of the film studios and visit the Film Museum to learn about the filmmaking process and local history. In the afternoon, explore Ait Ben Haddou, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The history of ancient Ksor dates back to his 11th century and occupied an important position on trade routes across the Sahara. Settle into your accommodation in the Old Town and wander the alleys and passageways in the late afternoon after the day's crowds have left. Climb to the old granary - a great vantage point to see the Kasbah and surrounding areas. Game of Thrones fans might want to hike down to the river to see the Gates featured in the popular HBO series. Enjoy a quiet dinner overlooking the valley after the hustle and bustle of the day.

Day 9: Aït Benhaddou, Tizi-n-Tichka Pass over the High Atlas

Leaving Ait Benhaddou, we begin our morocco day trip by ascending the spectacular High Atlas Mountains to discover Mount Toubkal, the highest peak of the range, at 13,671 feet (4,167 m). Then we stop at Tadart to visit the Argan Oil Cooperative and learn how argan nuts and fruits are processed for different purposes (and taste some samples!).
As you descend the High Atlas, you'll notice the climate and landscape change dramatically as the rocks give way to foothills and plains. In no time you will be part of the noise and hustle and bustle of Marrakech. After a long day on the road, settle into your hotel and spend the rest of the afternoon at your leisure. You can also take a quiet stroll through the gardens behind the Koutoubia Mosque. In the evening, Djemaa el Fna Square is filled with musicians, artists, snake charmers, games and food stalls for a variety of entertainment. If you want to enjoy the view from afar, enjoy mint his tea and a meal at one of the cafes that dot the square.

Days 10-11: Marrakech: Explore the "Red City"

After a nice breakfast, you will start your exploration of the most visited city in Morocco Marrakech by your private and comfortable touristic cars, considered as an imperial city and a UNESCO world heritage; it serves as a major economic center and tourist destination. It has the largest traditional market "souk" in Morocco, the city is home to a number of synagogues, historical monuments, mosques & tombs that you may see during your day tour like Lazama synagogue built in 1492 by the Jews expelled from Spain it is considered one of the most beautiful in Morocco, Negidim synagogue which in the mellah was built at the end of the 19th century El Badi Palace, Bahia Palace, Dar El Bacha, the Ben Youssef Madrasa, Dar Si Said Museum. Your Marrakech tour will include Jemaa el-Fnaa square considered as one of the best-known squares in Africa and has been described as a "world-famous square", then you will continue to Mellah the old Jewish Quarter.
For a unique walking tour of marrakech medina, we visit the Fonducs, medieval inns that provided accommodation and supplies to merchants and travelers then Head to the Koutoubia Mosque to escape the heat in the fountains and palm-fringed gardens.

Day 12: Marrakech to Essaouira

Our Morocco vacation packages shell continue after a nice breakfast, as we head west to the Atlantic coast and the laid-back seaside town of Essaouira. The route along the trail traverses vast rolling hills and passes through native argan forests. If you are lucky, you may see goats eating argan nuts in the trees. This is a sight to be seen when pasture is limited or unavailable. Along the way, you'll have the opportunity to stop at the Argan Oil Cooperative to see how the precious and expensive oil is extracted from the nut.

Arrive in Essaouira, a charming port town that offers a stark contrast to busy Marrakech, and spend the rest of the day on your own terms, then walk the Skala de la Kasbah (18th-century seawall) along the seafront and Vintage brass cannons designed by European engineers line the walls and offer views of the Atlantic Ocean.
Explore the UNESCO-listed Medina before heading to the windswept beaches. Jimi Hendrix fans might want a quick taxi ride to the Diabat at the end of Essaouira's beach, where he reportedly spent some time. We return to Essaouira to enjoy freshly caught seafood and a sunset over the ramparts.

Day 13: Essaouira to Casablanca via the coast

Essaouira is known as the 'City of the Winds' due to the strong Alize trade winds blowing across its crescent-shaped beach and is a popular destination for kiteboarders. Use the morning to see windsurfers and kiteboarders, or if you're feeling more adventurous, take a lesson before saying goodbye and heading back to Casablanca. You have the option to break up the 4-5 hour coastal journey with stops at coastal towns along the way.

Day 14: Depart Casablanca

Private car and experienced driver will take your from your accommodation to Casablanca Airport for check-in.

Depending on your departure date, you may choose to stroll the Boulevard de la Corniche and grab a bite to eat at Rick's Café, a bar, restaurant and café inspired by classic Casablanca films. Our morocco tours agency is always at your service and we are glad to have you with us .

  • Private and comfortable touristic transportation
  • Airport transfer
  • Multilingual driver/guide
  • 13 nights in luxury accomodations including Luxury camp
  • Fuel, tolls and any fees related to our car, dirver
  • Private sightseeing tours with local guides in Marrakech and Fes
  • All breakfasts
  • Dinners in Desert and Dades
  • One lunch in desert
  • Camel rides in desert
  • 4x4 excursion in Desert
  • Flight tickets
  • entrance fees
  • Lunches
  • Drinks
  • personnel expenses


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